About Us

Trade-Bags is a supplier of low-cost; high quality promotional, eco friendly and reusable bags.

We have supplied 1000's of Australian businesses with our diverse range of bags for more than a decade.

Our focus is to deliver exceptional quality in our products from precise stitching and high thread counts to the meticulous construction in our manufacturing and production process.

A beautifully crafted product wouldn't mean much on a missed deadline so we assure your clients job will always arrive on or even ahead of time.

We stock over 250,000 bags, with a print turn around of 2 weeks

If there is a custom style bag you would like developed, we have factory direct manufacturing; allowing complete flexibility on:

  1. Fabric
  2. Print
  3. Colour
  4. Size

Trade Bags is an APPA member and we supply to Distributors and Resellers only.

We welcome Resellers and Distributors to create a login account which allows you to access our online tools.

If you like our products but do not have a preferred Reseller, please email us at (info@trade-bags.com) and we will have a Reseller in your area contact you.