About Us

Trade-Bags is a market leader when supplying low-cost, high quality reusable bags.

Our sole focus is to deliver the best possible product within the time-frame and budget specified.

We have 2 specific supply methods to meet the needs of our customers :

  1)  we have over 250,000 bags which can be printed and delivered within 2 weeks
  2)  factory direct manufacturing where we have our factory produce the exact bags needed for the task

Of course there are quantity, lead-time and price trade-off's for either supply channel, but it is very likely we can deliver as and when needed.

Our business model is to solely supply our products via the Reseller Channel - we do not deviate from this chain.

If you are a Reseller, please be sure to create login account for yourself so you can access our online tools.

If you like our products but do not have a preferred Reseller, please be sure to email us (info@trade-bags.com) and we can direct you to one of our partners.