Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal
We collection information to allow the smooth flow of business. Contact details (primarily telephone numbers and email addresses) and physical/postal address information are needed to enable delivery of relevant information from

We keep information relating to our Customers and Suppliers and we may use mass communication methods from time to time to inform these parties of relevant/updated information.

Security of Information
We do not sell or disclose any personal information to anyone outside or our related entities without prior notice. Any information shared between and our related entities is permitted by the Privacy Act.

Management and Storage of Personal Information
We keep information in both paper based and electronic formats. Paper based records are kept on secure premises away from the general public. Electronic records are kept in secure systems with password protection and restricted access from both internal and external sources.

You can request a copy of any relevant information from at anytime.


Attn : Privacy Officer
PO Box 3163
Glendale  NSW 3163

+61 2 9997 8156