We Turn Up

The main differentiator between Trade-Bags and almost all of our competitors is the fact we turn up.

Our Product Management Team visits each and every factory involved in the fabrication of our products.

It not just a 'face-time' visit, we turn up (usually unannounced) at the factory door and request to see a current job in production.

Every manufacturer has the capability to take you to a big shiny factory with perfect conditions and happy staff; but the acid-test is when you request to see "your job" on the production line.

There are times when it may not be in the shiny happy factory, but the dodgy looking building around the corner with no glass in the windows, nor adequate facilities for the workers.

Ask the question the next time your buy bags - or any product sourced overseas for that matter - "do you turn up?".

Only then can you really gauge whether to work with that company or not.

We turn up!